Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Online Experience

As a missionary I see hundreds of people each week. I talk to everyone. I work with the members in our wards in Ukiah, California which is part of the California Santa Rosa Mission.

Elder Chris Spendlove (left)  Elder Cameron Wright (right)
Elder Chris Spendlove and I invite people to come unto Christ and would love to share the gospel with any of your friends or family near us.

My experience on my mission has been without a doubt a life changing experience. With the growth of technology and the cyber world we live in today, we needed to expand our horizon and take step towards reaching those who are ready to hear the gospel using social media techniques. Those who are willing to follow Christ.

Being a missionary is the most difficult experience I have faced in my short twenty years of life. There has been heartache, discouragement, and the evil one creeping into my mind from time to time. Although it has been rough, my mission has been a LIFE CHANGING experience, that money couldn't buy and is worth the effort.

Online missionary work to me is complementary with regular proselyting missionary work. We invite, we find, and we teach. I have found it very useful in my day-to-day activities, particularly using it for finding people who are hard to catch at home or are otherwise busy. I send them my blog posts or I  send them a Facebook message. I ask them about their fears, desires or wants. I refer them to Mormon.Org to read my experience or others real life stories of people struggling with similar concerns. Anything to open a door for a question, or concern about there own life. I know it helps with missionary work to use these new tools for communication.

I hope to find better ways to find, teach, and bring those who are searching for the truth unto Christ. Bring those who need to be aided by his hand, giving love, and comfort.

[Image]I know through our online missionary efforts, we can help the Savior with His work in bringing His lost sheep unto him.  I know these things to be true. I am here to help those in the Ukiah, California area find answers to their gospel question. Check out my blog to get to know me better:

Or contact me via Facebook or my email.
Elder Cameron Wright, California Santa Rosa Mission (LDS Online Missionary)

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