Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Masters Hand

Karate Kid
I want to briefly paraphrase the movie Karate Kid.  It demonstrates life lessons we can apply to our own lives by listening to Our Master. 
Daniel LaRusso moved from New Jersey to Reseda, CA, and finds it hard to adjust to life in the new city. He is promised a swimming pool and a beautiful house but when they get there, it was complete opposite.  His life in his eyes seems to be nothing but trouble after meeting some gangsters who only want misery for Daniel.  All he lives in his new promised land is continual rejection, harmful abuse and is afraid to show his face around high school. He meets handyman Mr. Miyagi, who takes naive Daniel under his wing and teaches him Karate and how life isn't all about power and strength. It's something deep within your soul that makes you what you are. Daniel is the underdog and faces the biggest challenge of his life, to overcome his enemies and become something great.

 This story relates to a Man who has touched Millions of God's children in this world: 
JESUS CHRIST, our Master.
He can take us in his hand and make spectacular designs.  But only if we let him, only if we keep his commandments.  By obedience to his commandments we learn who we are and who we can become.
Jesus said, "if ye love me, keep my commandments" (John 14:15)  He will yoke with us any burden we have, any trial we face, and build us to who we want to become.
This is like Mr Miyagi: he taught Daniel to work, to clean and wax his cars, sand his deck, and paint his fence.  Daniel had no clue as to why he was performing such a task.  Although, he knew he had made him a promise, if he performed the task in which he was assigned, the master would show him the way.  Show him he could be a fierce fighter.



Paint the fence.  Not only paint them, but paint the way Mr Miyagi paints, Exactly!  No difference. 
Don't stop!  Through pain, weakness, or heart ache, don't stop!

What does this have to do with karate fighting?
How is painting a fence going to make me a good fighter?

Start again

"Wax on, wax off"... Wax on, wax off".. 

When you sand, Sand the exact way Mr Miyagi sands.  No difference.
The method of "wax on", "wax off" over and over again, don't stop until the job is finished.

By this time Daniel doesn't understand how this affects his ability to fight, to do anything of that matter. 
After losing the strength of his arm, he gives up.  Tells the master he's done with all the trials he faces.  He sees no need for the sweat which has been wasted on such a selfish task. 

 Why would the Master give such a trial?
How can this help me fight the battles of life?
Why does the Master make everything so difficult?

When we face difficulties, we may ask ourselves these questions.  The Master know all the reasoning behind our challenges. 

Mr Miyagi knew what was best for Daniel.  After the pain and suffering of all the work that had been accomplished, he was about to give up.  When the temptataions were about to take over him, the Master stepped into the picture to show him the meaning of his hard work. 
He had sculpted his shoulders, tightened his forearms, and strengthened his upper body.  The Master showed him the work truly paid off.  He was now fit to perform the act. 
Mr Miyagi, through trials had helped him become strong and ready to begin his life as a fighter.

Through our Master Jesus Christ, we will overcome challenges, and when trials seem to difficult, the Master gives us comfort.  He will sculpt us, and prepare us for eternal life.
Listen to the Master, and apply his atonement in your life.
The example of young Daniel will ever instil my mind to always listen to our Master.  Take his heed and counsel, He knows the way.

Pictures from: atxvibe.blogspot.com, deadspin.com


  1. I love karate Kid! i love how you compared them to eachother! its so true! when we obey with exactness the Lord truly show's us how to do things the way he wants them done! all things are done in wisdom and order of him who know's all things! great post! LOVE IT!

  2. I love this!! i love how you compared the two! Obedience is they way to go! If we are obedient the Lord will show many things to us!
    I love it! thanx