Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration

Watch this video about Joseph Smith the Prophet of our day. 

The Book of Mormon

Another Testament of Jesus Christ

There are many different ways I could express how I feel about the Book of Mormon, and one phrase I could put it as-- It has changed my life. 
The Book of Mormon is another testiment of Jesus Christ, which means another record of people who lived in the America's.  Although it is a record, but not just any record, the people who lived and wrote in the Book of Mormon were witnesses of Christ just as the prophets in the Bible.  They were given specific instruction to the people of their time, inspiration and relvelation how they could come closer to Jesus Christ. 
Our unique and simple message is that God loves us to talk with all of His children and He reaches out in love to teach us all.   He Has always reached out in love is through the words of His prophets.  The Book of Mormon is evdience that Jesus is the Christ and that God, our loving Father in heaven, has called a prophet in these our days.
How can this benefit me?? 
Reading the Book of Mormon will draw you nearer to God and will lead you to know by the Power of the Holy Ghost there is a prophet on the Earth today.  It is blessing knowing what our God has done for His children.  I invite you to read the Book of Mormon and ponder in your heart if the Book is NOT true, and ask God our eternal heavenly Father if it is NOT true, and I promise you, He will answer your prayer that it is true.  As you come to know it's true, you will also come to know that Joseph Smith is a prophet and the Church of Jesus Christ is the Lords kingdom on the earth today.

I know the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith is a prophet, and by Trusting in God, puting your faith in Jesus Christ, you will also come to know these things are true.