The Gospel

Through Christ We can be cleansed from Sin

Heavenly Father sent His Son, Jesus Christ into the world so all of Gods children would have the possibility of coming home to live with Him again after we die. 
Because of Christ's Atonement and Ressurection, All people will be brought into God's presence to be judged according to their works and Desires.  Also we will be judged according to the Laws of Justice and Mercy.
 "there shall be no other name given nor any other way nor means whereby salvation can come unto the children of men, only in and through the name of Christ" ---  He died for us, He suffered for our sins and because of Him we will not be alone in such a weary and confusing world we live in.
 In my own personal life I have seen and felt the aching heart reaching out for more.  I have needed guidance on personaly decisions and wanted to clear the way for my future, but not only clear the way, to see afar off.  Through Christ we will become clean from our sins if we choose to have Faith in Him


What is repentance?  

I feel moved to write today about a subject of not only change, but healing.  Some would say "repentance" is a cast of judgment or condemnation. There are also those who would say "repentance" is a term of enlightenment of a new road for forgiveness or taking negative effects out of our lives and making them positive. The worlds use of the word repentance in most eyes is a bad principle.  The Lord Jesus Christ teaches and explains to"repent" is to become free, to leave our sins behind us and be determined looking upward and onward for the rest of our lives.  Although we make mistakes frequently, we must learn from them and grow.   ( Check out my forgiveness blog) 

Here are some steps of Forgiveness that I have personally used to overcome my wrongs or sins.  It is simply put and easy to remember, I call them the ABC ' s of repentance.

A knowlege-  First we must see or know what we did wrong.  Look at yourself in the mirror and always be striving to become like the Savior!  We all must recognize we can change and forsake our mistakes and sins.  (Mosiah 4:2)

B e Sorry- We must feel of God's sorrow for us as we disobey him and His commandments.  As we continue to desire after righteousness or work to receive forgiveness from God and those in whom we offended, we are needed to feel accountable for our bad choices. (Alma 36)

C onfess-  Talk to God about your sin, weakness, habit, and or addiction.  He will listen, and he will have open ears to soak in all of your troubles.  Discuss and ask for forgiveness to those who you have wronged.  It is essential to let out your feelings and let them know you're sorry.  (2 nephi 4)

D on't do it AGAIN!!-  After all is said and done, don't look back, don't let your past mistakes bring you to think you're a bad person.  Only Satan wants you to think those horrible thoughts.  God loves you, you are His son or daughter, and being so,  He knows YOU!!  We all make mistakes but turn those mistakes or weaknesses into strengths.  (Mosiah 5:1-5)

We have and make mistakes in this life.  I know this is true and by repenting daily we will feel of His love.  Check out which explains a little more into detail.  Don't give up on Chirst.  He Will NEVER give up on you!!