Monday, December 27, 2010

Bitter Sweet

Have you ever tasted of the intensifying impact of a sour object or food?  It devastates you, wakes one up, and merely sends shivers down you spine.  Your mouth may form a squint and tears create from your eyes. Even at times you can lose your senses or taste.  Whatever sour impact or experience you've had, it will always leave a mark, whether detailed deep in your soul, maybe physically marked or numbs your

One example which is on my mind is the lip biting, puckering taste of the candy "Warheads".  The impact of this weapon no larger than a quarter, and comes with a verity of colors, even chewables.  Small, yet lethal when entered into the dark abyss of the mouth.  Those who know, have also endured the horrifying reality of sourness.

The power of the Warhead!!

The reason I write of the impact of such a eccentric candy is to the effect of our saviors atonement.  The sourness of His experience in this life.  He freely subjected to His Fathers will to endure the bitter, sour pain of reaching and fulfilling every gap of sin for us.  Just so we could humbly submit to our fathers will, and when offering our devotions of repentance, willing to change our acts, we could be healed-- clean from all unrighteousness, become something, someone our Father in heaven wants us to be. 

When we partake of sin, we embrace pain, we pay somewhat of the consequence for our actions.  For the moment some say, "all is lost" or "I cannot be healed of such sin".  I tell you my friends, "sin was never happiness", such as sourness is never sweetness.  The point I am trying to make is when we first feel, taste, live the life of sourness, we learn lessons.  We learn that through our savior Jesus Christ we can be healed from those pains.  The taste of the warhead is much more tolerable when the sourness is gone, just as if we repent and ask forgiveness we can partake of the tree of life, which is in Jesus Christ.

Look back into your past and ponder your most difficult trials.  How did you feel during and after the trial?  What did you learn?  How were you strengthened?  Why did god let this happen to you? 
 There is always a lesson to be learned.  There is ALWAYS a sweetness after our bitter trials.  But only through our Savior can we become 100% healed, clean, and sorrowful free from our mistakes or sins.

I know through His love we can be healed, we can be free.

Life is bitter but ever so sweet. 


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