Sunday, June 19, 2011


Dear Dad,

Remember all the times you would spend untangling my fishing line?  I bet you felt hopeless as I wanted to do it all myself and just catch some fish.  I hope you know I all I wanted was to be like you and catch as many big fish as you!!   You would sacrifice all your time instead of fishing by your own, but fixing me so I could fish. 
Do you remember the hunting trips we would go on and I was usually scared because of the dark or of uncertainty in the wilderness.  You took your time with me and showed me the way.  You taught me how to prepare a first aid kit, light in the dark kit, and how to survive in the outdoors.  I bet you felt lost when I just wanted to go home, but you kept me out in the deep, steep mountains.  It was refreshing to know you just wanted me to enjoy it.

Remember the nights we would spend working on the boats together preparing them to go out into the thick marshes!!  I cannot forget.   I was so stubborn when I was working on my own boat ---"I want it how I want it dad".   But I cannot forget your loving words-- "If you don't do it how I told you, . . . It won't work!!"  Usually I found out the hard way! 

Do you remember all the times I watched you pray at night and consistently read and study your scriptures?  Do you remember when I would ponder your prayers at dinner?
Do you remember how I was inspired to be a better person because of your example?
Do you remember when I peeked around the corner of your room as your kneeled and prayed?
Do you remember you would always take your concerns to God and discuss them with me? 
Do you remember every sunday you would prepare your lesson for Sunday School? 
Do you remember when you taught me how to believe in myself and know God knew I could be a better person? 

I hope you know I do remember.  Every time I think about those close occasions I know I need to be the person you are today.  Thank you so much for your example to not only me, but my older brothers.  Dad you truly have changed my life and set the example of living, by loving me and being the Father who our Savior knows you can be.  I would hazard a guess you thought I was a lost cause at times, but I want you to know I watched more closely than you thought.

I know our Father in Heaven is the same way with his children.  He loves us and wants the best for us.  This life can bring trials and challenges, but as we take those steps and follow the counsel which is given to us by our Savior and His Servants the Prophets we will find success.  I know His love his shown through many ways, and a great earthly father is one of them.

I love you Dad more than you know.  You are my best friend.  Have a great fathers day.

Your son on a mission,

Elder Cameron Wright

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