Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Two precious gifts

 "Life offers you two precious gifts. One is time, the other freedom of choice, the freedom to buy with your time what you will. You are free to exchange your allotment of time for thrills. You may trade it for base desires. You may invest it in greed. . . . Yours is the freedom to choose. But these are no bargains, for in them you find no lasting satisfaction."

 "Reflections on a Consecrated Life

--Elder D. Todd Christofferson

We must serve with all our heart, might, mind and strength.  We must serve our fellow beings as we would serve our family.  When we are in the service of our fellow beings, we are in the service of our God. (Mosiah 3:19)I know we need to spend our time wisely while we are here on this earth, we must "prepare to meet God".  Time is very short, and I can testify because the my time keeps going by faster and faster while serving the Lord.
I know this is true in the sacred name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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