Thursday, October 28, 2010

Catch the Faith

Looking over a cliffs edge, seeing the amazing wonder of Gods beautiful creations
He ponders thoughtfully of his life and what God wants for him

Suddenly a gust of wind catches him towards the bottom of the steep rigid mountain
He catches a branch,  and holds on tight
He crys out loud, "Lord help me!"
 The Lord replies; "Do you believe I created the wind that caught hold of you?"
He earnestly says, "Lord I do."
"Do you believe I can create a wind to carry you to life?"
As he closes his eyes, he says, "I do Lord"

Christ softly whispers, "Then let go."

How great is your faith?  Do you trust God? 
How can you let him catch you when you fall?

Trust in him who knows you.  Trust he will love you to help you.
I know with Faith ALL things are possible..

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