Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Never Lose Hope

Last Saturday Elder Thompson and I were visiting people in the city of Davis where we are now serving.  Davis is a small town with a UC not to far from where we work. 
It was growing late in the evening, close to our time to head in, and were visiting some people who were potentially interested in learning about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  As we were walking to the door I noticed a man with a large Jack Daniels liquor bottle in His hand, pouring himself a cup.  We knew this apartment was the correct location of the specific individual who had requested missionaries.  Our confidence quickly shot down, pondering and judging the men who were behind the door to be unstable, and undoubtedly uninterested.
So with willingness and determination, we knocked and without 5 seconds a man answers the door with his cup in his hand and a big smile on his face.  His name was Ron and was the one who we were looking for .  He asked some questions with a slur, and found himself getting carried away in his laughter.  As we carried our conversation, His roommate, John, came running in from behind him.  He was a taller Asian man with a smile from ear to ear, curious, and hand signaled us into his small apartment.  It was coming close to our hour and we thankfully offered another appointment.

This man and his friend surfaced many deep concerns regarding questions of their souls.  John mentioned he had a wife and two beautiful children who lived far away east.  A place where work was difficult to find and a decent education was in drought.  He said, "I have a drinking problem, and other bad habits I need help with."  With his hands spread towards us, wanting relief from his addictions, we could feel his sincerity penetrate our spirits. We could feel his heart towards his children.  We could feel his concern for their welfare.

Although he was passionate about His family, we had fear in our hearts, not knowing if the situation was right and we offered to set up an appointment of a more convenient time.  We suggested a time early the next day to watch a modern day prophet speak to the whole world.  He agreed, and promised to be there.

We headed home and both looked at each other and complained there was no way he would remember.

The following day early in the morning, we returned to our appointment at nine A.M. and we felt as if we were waisting our time.  I mumbled to myself, "I know he won't be there".  We didn't have hope for this unsober, hungover man. 

With surety he would not answer, we gave it a knock, and nothing happened.  We gave it a second knock having some faith he might answer the door, but nothing came.  After about 3 minutes I gave it a good pound.  Miraculously he opened on the last attempt, dressed to watch the general conference and talk about how he could find the hope for his life and his family!  We watched all of General Conference with Him and bore our testimonies as the modern prophets did that very morning. 
I learned a great life lesson.  Don't ever lose hope on someone, because God wouldn't give up on me.  It is because of the gospel of Jesus Christ that we all have the opportunity to find our faith, realign our life in harmony with Heavenly Fathers teachings.  I know with out a doubt, God lives and loves each one of us, and wants with all of His heart, might, mind and strength everyone to return! 
Never Lose hope!  Never!  God will never lose hope on you or on me.  I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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