Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hello World,

     I have the unique opportunity today to post an addition to Elder Wright's Blog.  We are on exchanges today and tomorrow, and it is time to learn from a great missionary example.  I just walked in, sat down, and he said, "Type!"  So this is what seems to be coming out, apparently.  I have no idea who will see this and who is even looking.  I have no bearing on the whole blogging thing.  I won't even get to see any feedback or responses or numbers of those who read it.  So I guess I'd better think before I post.  In like manner, we have no idea what affect we have on those around us.  We have no idea who is watching.  Sometimes I think I know who's watching, or that I'll know when it matters who's observing me, but I've learned on the mission that everything we say and do is seen and heard.  I know that we have a far reaching affect on those around us.  Whether we are missionaries with a name badge and a tie, or just a kid in school who comes and goes without saying a word.  People are watching.  We can't choose what people think, but we Can choose our actions.  We may not want to draw attention to ourselves, impossible as a missionary, but once we understand that people are watching, we can choose to be what we'd want others to see.  I'd encourage anyone who may read this live as though you're on camera.  You can choose to "be an example of the believers."  I know as a missionary that many things I do have farther reaching affects than I can ever know.  Just like posting this random blog will be sent out to unknown eyes and destinations, so too do the things we say and do end up in the ears, eyes and hearts of God's children.  I hope I can live so that I could watch the video of my life and not worry who's watching.  I hope I can improve my time while in this life.  I hope when people speak of Elder Brady Anderson, they remember that I was a representative of Christ, in word and deed.  My mom always told me growing up that Integrity means stopping at a red light and waiting, even in the middle of the night when no one is around to see.  Well I know that even if no one actually sees you do what's right, people can feel a person of integrity, by the way the live when people Are watching.  And in the end, of course God is always watching.  He knows the intents of our hearts and the things we do when we "think no one can see."  It permeates our whole being and blesses those around us as we strive to live a Christlike life.  In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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  1. So true! You never know who is watching or who is listening. That is why we have to always be an example of Christ. Not just sometimes, but always. Thanks for your random thoughts ;)